AMD LEAKS: 3rd Generation Ryzen…

It’s been for a while now that AMD launched its 2nd generation of Ryzen (ZEN+) CPUs and they were indeed very successful.From the beginning of February 2019, there have been rumors talking about the launch of the 3rd generation of Ryzen CPUs.The 3rd generation of Ryzen processors will be based on the 7nm transistor size.

So, today we are going to talk about and further investigate about the leaks and rumors of the 3rd generation of Ryzen CPUs and NAVI graphics card.

A quick disclaimer before you start reading my blog …
All the information provided in the following blog is based on the leaks and rumors from various official and unofficial sources and the provided information is subject to changes WITHOUT any prior notice.
► Leaks and rumors about 3rd generation of Ryzen
So, lets start with the leaks of the 3rd generation of Ryzen CPUs…
A basic overview of the 3rd generation of Ryzen
• The 3rd generation will be based on the process node of 7nm.
• Expected IPC improvement of 10-20% over the previous generation.
•The processor will not use silicon but something else as a semiconductor.
•Introduction of a new Ryzen 9 processor.

→What all to expect???
According to the leaks you can expect the following things from Zen 2:-
•AMD has said it can deliver 25 percent more performance on 7nm with the same power consumption.
•based on AMD’s on-stage demo, a Ryzen CPU can give equivalent performance to a Core i9-9900K in Cinebench 15 within a much lower power consumption and lower costs.
•AMD claimed a CineBench 15 score of 2023 with 130W of system power consumption compared with a score of 2042 of the i9-9900K with 180W of system power consumption.
•You can expect an IPC improvement of about 10-20%.
•It is expected that AMD will deliver significant performance improvements, but to stick largely to its already-established price bands.
•We expect that AMD will push performance as far as it can in terms of clock and IPC without increasing its power consumption too high or increasing core counts that would disrupt its pricing model.
•AMD is expected to increase core counts only in the high-end section of its market while competing more aggressively on clock and IPC at the entry price point.

Enough with the expectations now let’s talk about a bit of pricing and specs about the processors.
►There are going to be 4 series of processors namely Ryzen 3,5,7 and 9.
•Starting with Ryzen 3.

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